Hawaiian Style Cooking by Rhonda Lizama

Steeped in family tradition, Hawaiian Style Cooking features over 600 hawaiian food recipes that have been handed down for generations. Compiled by Rhonda Lizama, Hawaiian Style Cooking celebrates her mother and grandmother for instilling in her at a young age, the love of cooking and bringing family together over delicious "ono" Hawaiian food.

Island Recipes Influenced by Many Cultures...

Hawaii is a melting pot of many cultures. Hawaiian Style Cooking reflects this with recipes from Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Filipino influences. In Hawaiian Style Cooking you will find Hawaiian recipes for smoked fish, laulau, shoyu chicken, potato salad, papaya seed salad dressing, custard pie, macadamia nut brittle, hula pie, lilikoi chiffon pie and so much more. You are sure to find a new and delicious Hawaiian food favorite every time you open the pages of Hawaiian Style Cooking.

Recipes Featuring Hawaii's Locally Grown Ingredients

Whether you are looking to create your own Hawaiian luau or you want to add some Island flare to your weekly menu, Hawaiian Style Cooking is the perfect guide. This Hawaii cookbook is filled with Hawaiian recipes that call for fruits, vegetables and ingredients that grow and are made in Hawaii, many of which may be growing in your own backyard if you are lucky enough to live in Hawaii. Local Farmer's Markets are another great source for many of the ingredients used in the recipes throughout this Hawaiian Cookbook. Hawaiian Style Cooking is the perfect gift for anyone who loves Hawaii and the flavors of the Islands. Buy your copy or gift one to a friend today!

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